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Mummy, Can I Hang Mr Cragh Again Please?

Ƥǿşŧḗḓ ƀẏ: ohankir 6 years, 7 months ȧɠǿ

The question of visualisation is a vexed one, especially when dealing with scholarly output. In trying to make any visualisation look ‘authentic’, you will have to ju.jpgy each object that you include (or don’t include) in the scene unless you want to open your work up to criticism from the academy – trust me on this, I have had first-hand experience. Once a seed of doubt is planted, the flood gates open as others start to scrutinise the visual output of the work for imperfections rather than the underpinning scholarship. If a more schematic visualisation is attempted using massing models the problems don’t necessarily go away, but they can be reduced (see Harriett’s earlier post in regard to “grey boxes”); but they run the risk of appearing sterile and unexciting to the public.

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