William of Codineston

Rector of Findon, Chichester, Sussex; chaplain to the de Briouze family

Role: witness

Findon was one of the de Briouze’s extensive manors in Sussex, [1] which had belonged to Harold Godwineson, and was worth over £28.  William Codineston was present with the de Briouzes in Swansea at the time of the hanging and had remained in the family’s service into the fourteenth century 


[1] Bartlett, (2004: 88).

Witness events timeline...

Key contributions to narrative

  • Witnessed William Cragh confessing his sins on route to gallows 
  • William Cragh called on St Thomas to rescue him
  • Cragh was not quite dead after his first hanging; and was still warm when he was taken to the burgess’s house
  • William Codineston was present in the castle when Cragh said he had a vision of a bishop in white supporting his feet