William de Briouze Jnr

Son of William de Briouze Snr

Role: witness

William de Briouze Junior was the oldest son from his father’s first marriage to Alina, thought to have been from another northern English family. [1] He mentions Edward I in his testimony and would probably have met him in person in 1284 when the then prince stayed for two nights in Oystermouth Castle. William de Briouze succeeded his father in 1291, and accompanied the king on campaigns in Wales, France, and Scotland in 1296 and 1297. He quarrelled with his stepmother in 1305 over eight hundred marks: he lost his temper in court and was made to do penance by the judge. He also had terrible relations with the inhabitants of Swansea and was forced to sign the ‘Welsh Magna Carta’ (a charter of 1305) confirming the limits to his power in Gower.


[1] Bartlett, (2004: 98).

Witness events timeline...

Key contributions to narrative

  • Witnessed his father ordering a second hanging following the beam breaking, and granting Cragh’s body to his family
  • Went to the burgess’s house and saw William Cragh’s body