Mary de Briouze
— d.1326

Wife of William de Briouze Snr

Role: witness

Mary was William de Briouze’s third wife, and William had had two sons by his other wives – the first of whom was the mother of William de Briouze Jnr (who was also interviewed in London concerning this miracle). From the de Briouze lands, Mary managed to secure the estate of Tetbury for her sons, and married her eldest daughter Margaret (from whose purse she takes the string to measure William Cragh with) to a landholder in Norfolk Ralph de Camoys, who also held a manor from the de Briouze family estate in Bramber in Sussex. Mary was a woman of independent means: the manor of Weaverthorpe in Yorkshire was hers, and probably formed part of her dowry, as it is not attached to any other of the de Briouze lands.[1] It is therefore likely that she came from a wealthy baronial family in Northern England.

[1] Bartlett, (2004: 96).

Witness events timeline...

Key contributions to narrative

  •  Begged for her husband to spare William Cragh’s life
  •  Prayed to St Thomas to intercede on William Cragh’s behalf
  •  Sent someone (Sonehild, Jovanta or John of Baggeham, according to different testimonies) to measure William Cragh
  •  Arranged care for William Cragh while he recovered
  •  Went with her husband (William de Briouze Snr) and William Cragh to the tomb of St Thomas de Cantilupe in Hereford