John of Baggeham Aged 34 in 1290

Seneschal (steward) of the Lords de Briouze; leader of the execution squad

Role: witness

Baggeham is the name of one of the estates held by the de Briouze family in England. It is probable that this John came from this territory with his lord to the castle in Swansea. 

Witness events timeline...

Key contributions to narrative

  • Witnessed Trahaearn’s family tried to ransom him - unsuccessfully
  • Accompanied Cragh and Trahaearn. on horseback, to the gallows 
  • Informed the castle that William Cragh and Trahaearn were dead, and was sent back to cut Cragh down
  • John of Baggeham saw Cragh’s body in the burgess’s house, and measured him to St Thomas; then returned to Swansea Castle when Cragh began to move
  • Said Mary de Briouze and Margaret returned with him to the house and measured Cragh again
  • Stated that Mary de Briouze arranged for William Cragh to be fed almond broth