Ṽīḗẇīƞɠ ƥǿşŧş ƀẏ Catherine Clarke

Finalist in the 2016 NCCPE Engage Competition!

Ƥǿşŧḗḓ ƀẏ: Catherine Clarke 3 years, 3 months ȧɠǿ

City Witness is one of three projects shortlisted for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences award in the national Engage Competition run by the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE).  The awards recognise the innovative and effective ways the general public are engaging with UK research – from inspiring young people with new advances in knowledge to encouraging the public to actively contribute to research.

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New book by Swansea archivist, Andrew Dulley

Ƥǿşŧḗḓ ƀẏ: Catherine Clarke 4 years, 11 months ȧɠǿ

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Silver for Swansea in the international Digital Humanities Awards!

Ƥǿşŧḗḓ ƀẏ: Catherine Clarke 4 years, 12 months ȧɠǿ

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Digital Humanities Award nomination - vote for medieval Swansea!

Ƥǿşŧḗḓ ƀẏ: Catherine Clarke 5 years ȧɠǿ

We're delighted to say that this project / website has been nominated for a Digital Humanities Award 2015, in the category 'Best Use of Digital Humanities for Public Engagement'. This is great recognition of our project and a chance to raise awareness of our work even more widely. It's also another great opportunity to put medieval Swansea on the map! Awards are decided solely on the basis of a public vote, which closes on 28 February 2015. If you've enjoyed this website, and would like to support us, please vote for us! You can read about the awards and voting here, and you can find the voting page directly here. Thank you!

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What's in a Name?

Ƥǿşŧḗḓ ƀẏ: Catherine Clarke 5 years, 1 month ȧɠǿ

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